Paul Fjare

Mechanical Engineer

Laurel, MT, USA

Actively seeking employment

Mechanical Design Engineer with a proven ability to successfully respond to customer feedback and to work within a team to solve complex technical problems and develop products.


Injection Molded Part Design
CNC Part Design
Photo-realistic Product Rendering
Fusion 360
Autodesk Inventor


Aug. 2014

Master of Science – Mechanical Engineering

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

    May. 2012

    Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering

    University of Nevada, Las Vegas


      Oct. 2020 - Present

      Rapid Expeditionary Concepts

      Mechical Design Consultant

      • Designed enclosures for network and radio electronics with significant heat dissipation requirements.
      • Printed Circuit Board design.
      • Designed a lightweight aluminum bracket to attach a camera assembly to the nose of a fixed-wing aircraft.
      • Created a Finite Element Analysis informed design of a structural component on a small aircraft.
      • Designed CNC machined aluminum parts and carbon fiber reinforced 3D printed parts.

      Mar. 2017 - Jan. 2020

      My iCover

      Mechical Design Consultant

      • Developed a set of plastic iPhone accessories for a client:
      • Created multiple design concepts for each part and further developed the most promising designs.
      • Performed testing of CNC machined and 3D printed prototypes.
      • Worked with a manufacturer to have the parts injection molded.
      • Designed thermoformed packaging for the product.
      • Created illustrations for patent application.
      • Created photo-realistic product renderings for marketing materials.

      Aug. 2014 - Mar. 2017

      Dronesmith Technologies

      Lead Mechanical Engineer + Software Engineer

      • Designed the airframe and overall assembly of a quadrotor commercial drone.
      • Improved the design of mechanical components based on customer feedback and part failure analysis.
      • Integrated electronic systems into compact mechanical assemblies.
      • Utilized 3D printed materials for lightweight production parts.
      • Strengthened plastic parts by removing stress concentration points and optimizing material thickness.
      • Designed CNC milled and routed parts that served multiple functions and were subject to many design constraints.
      • Produced mechanical drawings to submit for part manufacturing.
      • Produced BOMs and detailed cost estimates of products.
      • Sourced mechanical and electrical components from vendors.
      • Designed simple printed circuit boards to facilitate the integration electronic components into mechanical assemblies.
      • Designed a plastic housing for an electronic hardware product that featured a tool-less snap-in assembly.
      • Created detailed product renderings using Autodesk 3DS Max software.
      • Created and maintained technical documentation for electronic hardware and software products.
      • Produced tutorials and wrote example code for software products.
      • Assisted software engineers with web development tasks.
      • Demonstrated an ability to improve products in response to customer feedback.


      Graduate Thesis Project

      Created a speed controller for an engine on a small aircraft that implemented a PID control algorithm written in C.

          Open Source Wifi Blinds IoT Electronic Device

          • Programmed a micro-controller in C to control a motor and get data sensor data.
          • Created an Android app to control the device over WiFi.